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Real Estate Purchase and Sale Document Preparation Services

Already found your buyer or seller? Want to keep agents out of the picture and pay no commissions?

You can buy or sell a home without the use of an agent. A licensed California attorney will prepare all of the documents necessary to transfer ownership of a home, including the purchase and purchase contract, all mandatory legal disclosure paperwork, amendments to the agreement regarding repairs or other changes, financing, and closing documents. All for one low flat fee!


Real Estate Documents


We often get asked, "Can I sell my home without hiring an agent if I already negotiated a deal with a buyer?" or "Can I sell my house to a friend without paying anyone a commission?" or similar. The answer is "Yes!" you can absolutely transfer real estate in California without the services of a real estate agent.

"Attorney-Only" Document Prep


In many states, it's typical to have an attorney handle the entire closing process when you buy or sell a home. In California, real estate agents work together with escrow companies to handle home sales. Those agents can charge anywhere from 4% to 6% total to handle your home sale. When you already have a buyer and seller agreeing on terms, why give up such a large percent of the home price for mere doc prep? If you don't need any marketing done, then you probably don't need a real estate agent.

Save Thousands


By cutting out commissions, buyers and sellers can both benefit. The home price can even be reduced in some cases, so that the buyer saves money while the seller still profits more than if they had spent 4% to 6% towards agent commissions.

Ready to learn how much you can save?


Contact us today to discuss your document-only needs and get a quote for a low, flat fee.

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